YL has many effective plant-based solutions for the Endocrine system. As far as essential oils & serums go these are some of my favorites:

Progessence Plus: This serum contains naturally occurring progesterone from wild yam extract & therapeutic essential oils for mood and nourishing the skin. Google 'benefits of progesterone' and you'll get a really good idea of how this product makes an impact. 

Endoflex Vitality: This essential oil can be used internally in a capsule or glass of water. It's energizing, supports a healthy Endocrine (hormone) system and gives support for a healthy metabolism. This is absolutely a YL member favorite! 

Clary Sage: This essential oil is known for is energy balancing & is in many YL blends, such as Dragon Time & Transformation. It is not to be used while pregnant*

Sclaressence: This essential oil blend is for female hormone support, energy balance & women's health.

Young Living also offers some incredible supplements perfect for supporting women’s hormones. Take a look!

Thyromin: This is a great supplement for those with poor functioning thyroids. It includes extracts with active hormones in it & may be a great alternative for supporting the adrenals or thyroid naturally. 

Femigen: This supplement supports a healthy libido, stress, energy, emotions, mood swings, vaginal dryness, PMS, hot flashes, appetite & is a great alternative to estrogen therapy. *according to Jen O'Sullivan, author of the Supplements Desk Reference

PD 80/20: PD 80/20 is a great basic hormone support supplement. It has a balance of pregnenolone to natural DHEA from wild yams.

Endogize: This one is robust- it's actually for both men & women and includes digestive enzymes (which are great for stressed individuals). It features Ashwagandha root powder, which has been long used for it's energizing properties, testosterone boosting abilities, & support to the brain. Endogize supplement also features Endogize essential oil blend, so I like that it's got that huge added bonus. This is an overall great supplement for supporting the endocrine system, however, it is NOT to be used if you have high cholesterol or are pregnant.