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Essential Oils Reference Books

You'll definitely want to get your hands on the Essential Oils Pocket Reference or the Essential oils Desk Reference from Life Science Publishers.

BUNDLE: (This bundle contains the pocket reference and an amazing book on Gary Young and the history of Young is a MUST HAVE!)

Oil, Share, Repeat!

Be sure to get yourself a copy of "Oil, Share, Repeat"! It's a quick read...a blueprint for launching your Young Living business in only three days!

DIGITAL BOOK LINK - only $7.00:
(If you don't have a worries! You can download the app on your phone and read the book there!)

Want a hardcopy? Get one here:

Propel Workbook 

Grab a "Propel" workbook at This comprehensive tool takes you through 10 organized step-by-steps to take your team and income to the next level. Its is a workbook focused on income producing activities.

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Simplified Oiler

For just a one time cost of $79, this program is designed to focus your daily activity and help you use your time in the most consistent and effective way possible.


Everything you need to GRO your oily business at your fingertips. Access to an ever-growing library of resources such as videos, PDFs, tutorials, classes, and more.

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