I remember when I started making a shift in my thinking about wellness, I was secretly hoping someone would come down with something so I could try out all my new found natural methods. πŸ˜‰ What kind of craziness is that?!? I was young and naive and only had four kids at home at that point so I clearly didn’t know what I was thinking. Ha!

When Ellie was a baby, at the first sign of ANYTHING, I was googling “diseases” and calling the doctor to see if they could get me in THAT DAY. It never occurred to me that by dragging my immuno-compromised baby to the doctor that I was exposing her to even more sickness.

As our family grew, I did this a little less frequently because I didn’t want to drag ALL the littles to the doctor’s office. I usually just called and asked advice and I always asked about the “tipping point”. What do I need to watch for so that I will know when we have a real issue and I NEED to bring them in? In almost every situation it never got to that tipping point. We were able to heal at home with no intervention.

The longer I was a momma, the more confident I felt. I knew that it wasn’t ok to give an antibiotic for every cough or sniffle. I learned that fever is the body’s way of dealing with “something” so most times I just need to let it run its course. I learned that how my mom mothered me through sickness….lots of rest, fluids, home cooked meals…was many times the best way.

Are there times we need modern medicine to intervene? Absolutely! So thankful that it is there and available to us. I’m thankful that God has gifted doctors and nurses to care for others in the way that they do. God has given men the knowledge to create powerful medicines that can do amazing things when we need them.

But God has also gifted US. You and me. He’s given us the ability to know when something is not quite right with our little ones. He gives us the “push” to slow down…to snuggle, to rest, to turn our lives “inward” when sickness comes…sometimes that’s all we need. Sometimes we need to pull from our toolbox of ideas to help our littles get through a hard season.

Our moms had a toolbox of items on hand at all times to nurse us through at home. I have a toolbox too. It’s just that my options are natural, safe for my babies and don’t contain the toxins we want to avoid.

Mommas, you can do this. You can equip yourselves to care for your littles as the first line of defense. Don’t be afraid. You can start now to make healthy choices all around that will set your babies up for wellness.

When something comes up, you can deal with it. Be confident in the gifts God gave you as a momma. Snuggle those babies, love on them….defer to professionals when it’s needed but learn to trust in yourself too. God has given you the skills. Listen. Take charge.


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