Here’s a little sobering reminder that just because we assume it’s safe, tested, and on our shelves for purchase, doesn’t make it so.

The TSCA of 1976 (The Toxic Substances Control Act) grandfathered in approx. 65-100k chemicals currently on the market today (i.e. they haven’t had any safety testing & we know little about them).

Of the chemicals tested, toxic labeling is required only if 50% or more of the animals tested with the chemical die.

Under the TSCA, manufacturers are protected by trade secret laws that allow them to keep their ingredient list a secret.

To date, the EU (European Union) has banned 1,300 chemicals in cosmetics; the FDA in America has banned only eleven. 


I’m also uncomfortable with all the lack of disclosure in ingredients, especially fragrances. 


Now that we know the ingredients that can cause us harm, we are empowered to enact change in the world around us. This is why we must read labels. We must understand what is going on and in our bodies. We must protect our future and present children. 

We must take responsibility on ourselves to understand. And that’s exactly what  here to help you do!


Even Young Living is constantly having to learn and grow as we discover new effects of products and combinations. You will see reformulations and changes as they constantly shift as our knowledge as a society grows. This is the mark of a company with your best interests at heart.


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